A Review of the Product by OnePlus Nord 2 5g


Oneplus Nord 2 5G is the most promising smartphone under Rs 10,000. It has an excellent camera, long lasting battery, fast charging, pretty good design and an all-around pleasant user interface. The Nokia E71 and HTC Wildfire were some of the low end smartphones that never made it to the level of being a high end device.

When the smartphone market was just starting, the Oneplus nord 2 5g seemed like a really good deal and it wasn’t long before people started raving about it. This phone has all the modern features that one would want in a smartphone and then some more. Oneplus has remained consistent in upgrading their older devices with the latest and greatest technology available. This latest smartphone from one of the leading manufactures has one of the most attractive and modernized user interfaces on the market today.

The Oneplus nord 2 5g features the dual curved screen, which makes navigation through the handset easy to do. The large size of the screen makes it easy to read text messages, emails and do other things you would normally do with a smaller sized smartphone. The use of capacitive technology on the screen makes the colors look vivid and crisp on the screen. The dual screen gives the phone a great viewing experience, especially when viewing media and videos.

The Oneplus Nordic 2 has a unique dual SIM tray, which allows you to place the SIM cards of any of your preferred network providers. You can easily switch over to other network providers if you move from one carrier to another. If you want to buy the smartphone online, you can easily buy it with free service. The company has plans to expand the coverage of its smartphone in the coming months. With more countries and regions getting online, you can buy the Oneplus 2 with ease.

The Oneplus 2 also features a very powerful quipped up smartphone that has the power to make your snaps look like a professional photographer’s masterpiece. The front camera is also quite impressive, allowing you to capture quality images in almost all lighting situations. The secondary camera on this handset does an excellent job in some of the pictures I have taken with the primary camera. Oneplus also offers a very useful self-timer, allowing you to set a timer for a specific duration of your choice and then snap a photo.

The connectivity options of this oneplus nord 2 5g smart phone is also commendable. It supports Data transfers of upto two gigabytes per second depending on the connectivity you are using. For example, if you are in a Wi-Fi network and the connection speed is slow, you will be able to transfer upto two gigabytes per second. Apart from this, it also provides you a fast charging facility, which means that you do not have to wait for long for the battery to charge when you are using this smart phone.

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